Mostar is one of the largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the capital of Herzegovina. If you are on your way to Sarajevo or Međugorje, make sure to stop in Mostar. The Neretva River divides Mostar into two parts, east and west, and as its name implies, Mostar is known for its Old Bridge which is also the centre of the city. This Bridge is of great importance to the people of B&H because it represents their tangible symbol of unity.

Mostar’s cuisine is very similar to Sarajevo’s, so you can try different types of pies and Borek. For dessert, be sure to try Baklava or Turkish delight with a cup of coffee. While you are sitting and enjoying your coffee in the Old Town, don’t be surprised if you see someone jumping of the Old Bridge because that tradition is 450 years old and almost as famous as the bridge itself.

VAN – 350€ CAR – 280€ TIME: max 6h

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