Šibenik is situated on the Dalmatia coast, 54 km away from Split. It is the capital of Šibenik Knin County. One of the most famous cathedrals in Croatia, Cathedral of St. James, is located in the Old Town of Šibenik. National park Krka and National park Kornati are among many natural beauties of Šibenik County. It is also Croatia’s most famous sporting city as the hometown of late Dražen Petrović, a famous NBA basketball player.

If you get hungry in Šibenik, we recommend the famous Šibenik Marenda where you can order prosciutto and cheese appetizer, for the main course an octopus under the bell and for dessert dried figs and almond cake. It would be a shame not to pour all this with some quality white wine.

The surrounding villages of Šibenik are covered with many vineyards that have been soaked with rain, sweat and the love of Šibenik’s winemakers over the years. We definitely recommend staying in Šibenik during hot summer nights, where you can also enjoy concerts of some of the world’s most famous performers and walk through one of the most romantic waterfronts in the Mediterranean.

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