Zagreb, the capital of Republic of Croatia. Geographically, it is located in the northwest of the country but very well connected to the rest of Europe which makes it economically the most developed city in Croatia. It was founded by merging two small towns, the Upper Town Gradec with the church of St. Mark and Kaptol with the Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

From the observation deck of the Zagreb Eye you will get the chance to see the whole city panorama from old history buildings to modern architecture. If you are more into nature, Medvednica mountain and Sljeme are near as well as the Maksimir Park and Zagreb Zoo. While in Zaggreb, visit Dolac Market, an open-air market where you can buy fresh, local and organic produce.

A very unique venue to visit is the Museum of Broken Relationship.

Although Croatia is known for its Mediterranean cuisine, Zagreb offers a more continental selection of food such as Samobor salami, cottage cheese with cream, many variations on meat dishes with a lot of potatoes, cabbage and bread like Koltovina, Gablec, Ćušpajz and more. Make sure to pour all that heavy food with good craft beer such as Zlatni Medvjed, Crna Kraljica or Grička Vještica. Enjoy your stay in Zagreb!

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