Imotski buljubašić

The town of Imotski in the Dalmatian hinterland emerged on rock and has been there for centuries. It is one of the most special towns in Croatia. It is adorned with two famous lakes the Red and the Blue Lake both attracting scientists and cavers from all around the world. Imotski is historically very important for the Republic of Croatia because in its surroundings there are large archaeological sites of the so-called Stećci (tombstones from the 15. Century). Imotski and its surrounding villages offer very interesting types of events such as the traditional local fair where everyone can find something for themselves or the famous theatrical gathering “Actors in Zagvozd”. For younger generations, it is important to emphasize that Imotski is known for being a rock city, holding different rock concerts and music festivals throughout the year.

Since Imotski is located on the border of what was once the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic, its cuisine is very diverse. If you would like to try out all the specialities that Imotski has to offer, you would have to stay for a few weeks. However, we recommend you try all sorts of dried and roasted meat with different cabbages and salads as side dishes. Imotski is very proud of its endemic variety of wines. Enjoy!

VAN – 160€ CAR – 120€ TIME: max 6h

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