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If you are visiting the Balkans for the first time with Dubrovnik and Mostar, Sarajevo is one of the top destinations to visit. Sarajevo is located in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why it is rightly called the heart of Bosnia. The Miljacka River, crossed by many small bridges, runs through the city centre making Sarajevo one of the most romantic cities in the south eastern part of Europe.

Given that Sarajevo and all of Bosnia and Herzegovina were part of the Ottoman Empire, the culture and cuisine is very similar to the Turkish one. The most famous, traditional dish is Ćevapi (grilled dish of minced meat) with kajmak (creamy dairy product similar to clotted cheese). You do not need a map to track down the best place to eat Ćevapi, their delicious scent will take you to downtown Sarajevo – Baščaršija. For dessert we recommend a piece of Baklava and Turkish coffee.

One of the biggest advantages of this city is its accessibility. For a little money and even less time, you can feel the magic of Sarajevo. This one-day trip will definitely help you discover the beauties of Bosnia. See you in Sarajevo!

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